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Putting in a new shower enclosure is a great way to bring something new and fresh to your bathroom. Choosing the right one for you can get complicated if you don't have all the information you need to make a good decision. Use this guide to help you choose the best shower enclosure for you and your bathroom.

Quadrant enclosure from Homebase

Quadrant enclosure from Homebase

Unless you're completely redoing your shower, picking the shape of the enclosure should be pretty straight forward. Generally, you want to pick close to or the same shape as the existing shower. If you are completely redoing your shower you have a lot more room to play around with different shapes.

Quadrant:A quadrant enclosure will demand more space than the other shapes. If you have a spacious bathroom and/or shower area then this enclosure can be a great choice. The quadrant enclosure has a modern and stylish look. It is a little more expensive than other shapes of enclosures and also more difficult to install. However, the end result is a beautiful and stylish shower enclosure to enhance your whole bathroom.

Angled: This shape of enclosure is great for small spaces. It is usually used for corner stand-alone showers. The doors to this enclosure are on a swing hinge and can be installed to open to the right or left. This is the best option if you're not working with a lot of room. The centre location of the door offers easier entry to a smaller shower space.

Square: Square shower enclosures are similar to the rectangular enclosure in its ability to use a wide variety of shower doors. They can be scaled for small spaces, corners or for a larger area as well. They provide a clean and modern look with sharp and well-lined angles.

Rectangular: The rectangular enclosure is the most common shape. It offers ample bathing room and fits a wide variety of shower doors. Just because this shape is common doesn't mean it has to look average. The compatibility it has with different types of shower doors gives you plenty of opportunities to dress up the shower any way you please.

Rectangular enclosure from Homebase

Rectangular enclosure from Homebase

With the shape of your shower enclosure decided you can move on to the fun part. You will need to decide on the type of enclosure. This is where you can go as creative or classic as you like, depending on your style.

Framed: Framed enclosures are the traditional option. This type of enclosure is easy to build or install and probably the most affordable option. They are durable and fully enclose the space making it water-sealed. Frameless enclosures are quickly becoming the most popular choice. They offer a sleek design that can be made to fit any style from modern and stylish to classic and elegant. The glass is easy to clean and can be bought with a surface resistant to water spots and soap scum.

Glass block: Glass block enclosures are extremely versatile. You can find glass blocks with different textures and colours to create to look you desire. The texture and pattern offer a layer of privacy and eliminate the need for a door. The distinct lines between blocks create a clean look.

Tiled: Tile enclosures are a common selection for the variety of style options and ease of cleaning. You can choose between a multitude of colours, shapes, and textures of tiles. Create frameless glass windows in your enclosure to really enhance the look and open the shower area to plenty of light.

Open: Create a beautiful and daring look by opting out of the shower enclosure. A tiled wall and congruent flooring material are all that is needed to make a bathroom layout suitable for a non-enclosed shower. A heated overhead lamp or heated shower floor can be used to keep the area around you warm.

Colourful tiled enclosure with frameless enclosure

Colourful tiled enclosure with frameless enclosure

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